‘A‘ has been informed to go home, without consciously knowing where and how. With the help of THE VOICE, a flight attendant, a driver and other encounters, she/he/they embarks the journey and manages to reach the destination called home where she finds it so familiar and yet strangely distanced.

A Chinese tradition inspires the story—the seventh day after passing away marks the homecoming day for the deceased. The spirit of the dead will revisit his/her home before reincarnation/rebirth. The family of his/her need to guide the spirit back home and unite as a family for the last time, signifying a final good-bye to the “old self” before embracing a journey as a “new self”. The journey serves as a transition, witnessing the connection originates from the same realm, now divides into two completely parallel channels. Through this character, we, as outsiders, explore the metaphysical longings and the ontological questioning of being alive and now phasing out.

This surreal stage play would merge multimedia visual and live performances, serving as an intimate and inviting dialogue between audiences and performers in the form of monologue and visual display.

The Seventh Day  



  La mama Exploration Season 2022 

LookLive 2022

Actors : Luo Huanhuan ( Chengdu, China)
              Heath Anderson ( Melbourne, Australia)
Original Music :  Duan Luo
Director/ Dramaturg : Liang Qihao
Visual : Shu Tong 

La Mama Exploration Season /Melbourne LookLive /Chengdu