“The Digital Queue”, Melbourne Fringe Festival,2020

"The Queue" explores and redefines humanism in mixed realities and the fluidity of becoming in the context of desire, manifesting as queuing actions through live performance and digital visuals. The whole act involves performers and "WINDOWS", and they explore the meaning and purpose behind different "WINDOWS" in the form of queuing.

“The Digital Queue”, premiered at Melbourne Fringe Festival, 2020, later at "To the Underworld" (Koppel X Gallery Mezzanine, London).

The project consists of 4 videos (acts), serving as a digital prelude to “The Queue”, each act explores one metaphysical question in the existence, the concept of redefining humanism and the fluidity of becoming in the context of desire.

Any form of existence longs for something. Air, water, food, fame, power, success, enlightenment, comfort, love, etc., all these old concepts which still manifest themselves throughout our post-industry lifestyle, from all the lofty isms to the latest released new phone. This play tries to strip the flashy coating down to the bare bones, by creating a naked confrontation through an absurd and surreal approach. But not to teach, to arouse, to intellectualise, to moralise, nor to dogmatise. Simply to offer an escape from the mayhem we all live in, and taken a moment to enjoy this vast, immersive, spontaneous, naked poem designed only to start when the whole play ends.

WATCH A play entails journey of the four searching, waiting and queuing behind the WINDOWs. READ